Interesting Features of GoPro New Hero4 Session

It was long due for sure, but the wait is over as GoPro has announced its first all-new camera since 2006. Hero4 Session is a lightweight, waterproof camera in a stylish cube shape. It hit the shelves on July 12 with a price tag of $399.

So many things make this new camera different from others in the GoPro range. Its size, for instance, is one of its highlights – it's half the size (1.4 inches cubed) of existing Hero4 cameras and at 2.3 ounces is 40% lighter. Its single-button operation feature makes it quite easy to use – a push of a button will start or stop recording. It is easy to mount on objects such as bicycle spokes which cannot hold the existing Hero4s. The company believes that its size and weight will make it an instant hit with professional athletes.

The new Hero4 Session sacrifices an LCD screen to provide you with a compact camera. You can however, use the GoPro mobile app as well as the Wi-Fi smart remote to operate the camera. The camera is also waterproof to a depth of 33 feet and does not require additional housing.

Another great feature is its new mic design that delivers better wind-noise reduction than other models. It operates on a battery that provides 2 hours of recording at 1080p at 30fps – you have to turn your Wi-Fi off though. Unfortunately, you get a camera with built-in battery, so no swapping is possible. 
Even though the size of Hero4 Session is small, it is by no means a low-end device. You can find some cheap options in the market, but this new offering from GoPro is not aimed at the entry level. It charges good money but delivers great performance in return.

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