Seth Rollins Retained his Title at Battleground Courtesy of The Undertaker

Everyone was aware of the fact that it was going to take an act of God for the defending champion Seth Rollins to win his championship match against Brock Lesnar. At Battleground 2015, Rollins left as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the act of God was from The Undertaker. 
Rumors were circulating all week that either The Undertaker or Sting would return to the WWE soon. The rumors proved true as WWE officials brought the 'Streak' out of the bullpen first. It was a much-awaited return for the Undertaker at Sunday's Battleground event. He showed up out of nowhere in the closing moments of a harrowing, physical match between Seth Rollins and Brock 
Lesnar when Lesnar had it all under control. 
The challenger, Lesnar, suplexed Rollins over a dozen times and delivered an F-5 as well. Everyone thought it was the end of good times for Rollins but then the lights in the Scottrade Center cut to black and The Undertaker appeared in the ring. Brock's eyes displayed surprise, shock, and even a bit of fear. The Undertaker's eyes burned with fury. He'd been waiting for this moment since April 6, 2014 when Lesnar ended his WrestleMania streak. He proceeded to deliver a chokeslam to "The Beast" followed by numerous Tombstone Piledrivers, leaving him beaten and broken. 

The Undertaker's interference helped Seth Rollins to leave with title still around his waist, but this attack has definitely set the stage for a match between The Deadman and the Beast at SummerSlam.
Lesnar has recently regained his lost popularity in WWE since he had seemed to be more interested in MMA for a while now. The popularity of "Suplex City", Lesnar's favorite move used to incapacitate his opponent, showed that Lesnar's fans didn't like the Deadman attacking Lesnar, costing him his next World Heavyweight Championship. To the casual fan however, the return of the legend sure seemed like a great surprise. 
The return of The Undertaker and subsequent attack on Lesnar, who is also the former UFC champion, is a perfect setup for the titans to come face to face at SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer for WWE fans. The Deadman wants retribution, but it is never going to be easy considering Lesnar is an incredible athlete. It makes a great storyline that fans will undoubtedly enjoy. 
The Undertaker is a legend in the wrestling world, but he's more of a "special attraction" wrestler these days, just like Brock Lesnar and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. These wrestlers may show up on WWE TV infrequently, but they sure cause a ton of excitement and buzz when they do. However, the WWE is running out of these special attractions, especially considering the fact that the days of the Undertaking displaying classic technical masterpieces are likely gone. Nevertheless, it seems SummerSlam pay-per-view will be even bigger this time with two of the biggest stars in WWE history locking horns once again. Who comes out victorious is something only time will tell!

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